Saturday, March 16, 2013

[Opinion Piece] In which i set my life in motion...

... without thought of anyone but myself. 

Until now when I wrote down my goals I always wrote them down with the mindset that they would probably not happen. I would get married, have children, get old, die prematurely - whatever. It never occurred to me that my life's path could be defined for me, and only me, without any kind of sacrifice, or compromise (Sound selfish? Why yes... yes it is).

Now this does not mean I have any aversion to marriage or children. When they do come I will be happy to welcome them. However knowing that they are part of the future should not require me to carve my dreams around them. I should find them on the path i take to fulfill my dreams, and they should be going in my direction. 

So once again, I am going to make my list. 

Along the way i would like to blog what is getting me there, with hopes that it will both inspire and motivate me. I hope perhaps i can inspire some of you.



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