Sunday, November 24, 2013

[Challenge] No Make-up Challenge...

Day One and About 3 months later. Blemishes cleared, inflammation gone, bruising around eyes gone, irritation of lips gone, skin softer and more even.
Around August I decided that I would take a no make-up challenge (read about my inspiration here). I went into it rather roughly. Unused to my bare face all I could see were all of the imperfections that now seemed so glaring without ten pounds of black eyeliner around my eyes. I would go a day and give up, go three and cave when I had to be in public. And then one day I finally just let it go. I decided I wouldn't look in the mirror for a few days and just let my face be.

A few days later I looked in the mirror and guess what? I didn't look awful. In fact I looked young, healthy, confident, and happier. That weekend was a test for me. I would be going to a dance. Something I would traditionally get dolled up for. I didn't. I didn't touch my hair or my face. I wore yoga pants and a comfortable shirt and I went expecting to dance. I was going to sweat. My face was going to be red. I was there for me. And I wasn't there to impress. 

I had the best dance experience of my life that night. 

It's been about three months since I stopped using the crap that society thinks all beautiful women require to be desirable to others (even to themselves). I hadn't realized how damaging make-up had been for my confidence and my enjoyment until I was free of it. Before I would run to a mirror frequently during the day to make sure my make-up didn't need touched up. I would spend a half hour applying layer after layer around my eyes, bruising the skin underneath. I would touch up every blemish and as a result when I was looking at my face I was searching for them. 

Now I don't even feel the need to look at myself. When it's a special occasion I'll put a bit of mascara on but other than that I haven't felt the need for anything else. I feel strong and beautiful. I feel healthy and confident. I like my face the way it was made and as a result of that I am finding that I also just plain like myself.

I urge ladies young and old to accept the challenge. And when you have daughters try and prevent them from finding a hiding place in that gunk. They deserve to shine. 



P.S. My next challenge is only getting clothes from thrift stores. :)