Thursday, May 21, 2015

[Opinion Piece] "Just wait until..."

All you prospective mommies out there (and I know quite a few of you). You're going to hear a lot of "just wait until..." from the moment you enter preggo-hood. Most people are trying to be helpful and don't realize what doomsayers they are being. You really don't want to hear that. You don't want to imagine that things can get "worse" then they are at the moment. Sometimes you wonder what good there is in the whole process of creating and bringing a child into this world.

I was shocked when I heard these words almost directly after birth! From my midwife no less, within like twenty minutes! Wasn't labor it? That was the hardest thing I had ever experienced and you're telling me there is more? Yes, there is more. There are more challenges to face. There are some scary things you have to get through and most of them hurt a lot. And while all of this is true there is really no reason why you need to hear it. You'll get through it whether or not someone is there telling you to "just wait for it".  I'm just going to tell you real fast that you can get through them and relatively quickly. But in addition to a bolster of "buck up, it'll all be over soon" I want to list a few "just wait until"s of my own.

Just wait until you feel that little heartbeat against your skin for the first time.
Just wait until you smell her little head.
Just wait until she opens her eyes and looks up at her new mommy.
Just wait until your husband gently kisses you and tells you how proud he is of you.
Just wait until she's home with you and you all of the sudden have someone wholly and wonderfully in love and dependent on you.
Just wait until she gives you that first smile (I know that its just gas but I couldn't help but squeal anyway).
Just wait until she finally "gets" breastfeeding.
Just wait until you actually get excited about the shear scale of poopy diapers she's dishing out for you (who knew the color of poop could be so comforting).
Just wait until grandma starts singing the lullabies that she sang to you to your little angel when she's weepy.
Just wait until she's sleeping in your arms.
Just wait until she lifts her little head to look around at the world.
Just wait until she starts mimicking your face (and making the strangest faces of her own).
Just wait until you comprehend how strong you were (it takes a couple days).
Just wait until your husband tells you that you're even more beautiful now than you were before.
Just wait until all three (or more) of you are curled up in bed together just smiling at each-other.

All that and more and that was just the first four days...

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  1. Just wait till shes grows up and impresses you with how wonderful a woman she has become.